Friday, April 25, 2008

Some Winged Friends Drop In.

Not only water creatures have popped by, but a plethora of birds are flying by.  Spring has come and l'amour is in the air.  Here a pair there a pair, everywhere....birds, birds, and more freakin' birds! 

You have to remember that there wasn't a huge amount of wildlife where we lived in Alberta.  There were no trees in the vicinity of our house so not a lot of variety ever graced our yard.  There wasn't any water close by either ~ some man-made watering holes in town...the OTHER side of imagine my excitement with all the different species and colours landing everywhere here!  I've been busy with my camera and now, for your viewing delight....BIRDS From My Backyard!


A woodpecker - can you see him in the middle?  His tap-tap- tapping caught my attention.  It took a minute to pick him out from the tree though!


DSCF0764 If you can't see him then here is a better photo where his stripes are visible.





Next is one of the first signs of favourite....


The Robin!  I love their round, fluffy bellies.  They are such curious birds too.  I recall in Alberta, our neighour's had a bird feeder on our adjoined fences.  It would attract these guys ~ as well as my cat George.  Remember him?  All 17 pounds of him?  In case you've forgotten...

2008_01120004 Meet George.  He can't jump.  At least it has never occurred to him that he can.  Don't ask me why.  Well those Robins in Alberta caught on to that fact and when they fed at the bird station, they'd sit on our fence and chat down at George.  He'd sit on the grass below, yacking back at 'em ~ and it was the come on closer ya' chicken, kind of talk.  Once I caught the birds pecking on our grass in the back....and no word of a robin was standing on our back porch eyeballing the door!!  Maybe waiting for George to come out and play???

Oh...sorry... back to my bird post....

DSCF0774 It wouldn't be much of a post without the ol' blackbird.  I'm not exactly sure what it is but will check it in my bird books.  These guys are the nosy ones around here.  If something is going on in the neighbourhood you have only to follow the flock of these guys.  They like to sit in the trees around the "event" and spectate.

DSCF0755 Oh yes, the pigeon.  I've no doubt this one was aiming to shit on my head but the camera flash made it blink and I escaped its drop zone.  "Nuff said about this bird....



This next bird I'm not familiar with.  He's got some bright red on his head.  I haven't got a picture that I can enlarge without it turning fuzzy.  Stay tuned for an update....


DSCF0840_edited  Now how about this strange looking fellow?  A BLUE head of all things!  I didn't even realize it was blue until I checked my photos!




Oh look, another Robin sneaking in!  Yes we see you ~ you are probably the same one from above, aren't you?  Now quit hogging the limelight!




This bird is all black.  There are a lot of these around.  When they all suddenly leave in a hurry I know there is an eagle or something else just as big about to swoop by.


Speaking of which.... an eagle who flew by today.  With the pesky bird zooming in behind.  There must be some good food around for that eagle to continually put up with all the harassment!


Here's an interesting looking bird.  It might be the same one as above but this one's tail feathers are also noticeably blue.  Check out the beady eye on him ~ giving me the eyeball or what?



Here is one of those birds you see EVERYWHERE.  Guess what?  I don't know their name either!



                                                                                          Not sure whDSCF0432at this guy is either....I'm beginning to sound like a broken record!  Once I get some of these developed I'll be checking them against my birdbooks and then I'll be smarter! (for 5 minutes or so...)



Uh-oh birdies.... I spy with my little eye... a kitty who sees YOU.  Now Spook, behave and stop scaring the birds away!




Although, if I looked down from my perch and saw THIS sight, I'd be inclined to scatter too!  The feathered friends must know that this one still has all of his claws....


Not only THAT, but now someone else is watching too!







George is watching and he is going to give ME a heart attack sitting where he is!  It is time for me to run and coax him back from his suicidal ledge seat....

Is he SERIOUSLY trying to give me a nervous breakdown?  What if one of the dogs runs over to see what that blob is?  One gentle nudge or puff of wind and my senior citizen with 4 paws is over the side!  I swear he's got food in his supper dish!

Next post....water fowl!


Terri said...

Oh, what a lovely collection of feathered creatures. We are getting into birds here in Calgary where we are on a wonderful migration path. There is great bird watching here and all the way up towards David's mum's house east of Red Deer, where there are lots of sloughs and open water, etc.

We've been running a busy feeder all winter and a bath, and are getting tons of activity with new arrivals daily...finches, nuthatches, starlings, etc.

I think the little brown/grey and white birds you "see everywhere" are sparrows. Usually house sparrows. The black birds, if they have yellow beaks, are starlings. They are pests. ;)

We got a great "BIRD ID" thing for our fridge with all the common birds of Alberta. Plus David's Gram is a bird watcher, so she knows everything that we can't figure out. I am learning so much. Great you have an interest too as you are in the lovely wilderness now! Do you have a good bird book??

Love your pics.
xo Terri

Susan said...

Rats, Terri beat me to the Sparrows comment....I think the black birds are either starlings or grackles. It depends on whether their feathers are irridescent or not (purple/indigo and green). And what a wonderful shot of the eagle!!! I think the bird on the post might be an owl ( two or three come out during the day) or a hawk...*sigh* I'm so envious. We have tons of the sparrows here too, and lots of blue jays and cardinals, and now the finches are coming back for spring, but as I said before, not many eagles or hawks. enjoy your wildlife, sis!!! Lucky....

Julie said...

I saw a blue jay in our back yard yesterday - they only are around in May, maybe June.

I saw a bird convention on my way to work yesterday. They should have had a sign posted that said, "Worm Breakfast, Tom O'Leary Golf Course, 8:00 AM Friday, Robins Only."

You have a lot of birds we don't but I couldn't name them. I have been hearing a new bird as I sit at my computer today but I can't spot him.