Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ogopogo was Here!

So the heritage fair came and went!  Here is son's presentation on the elusive Ogopogo:


Ogopogo is our Loch Ness monster, remember?  I wrote about it a few weeks ago.  I don't have close ups of the 2 models, HE...made (too blurry).  Maybe the picture above will enlarge if you click on it and then you can see the mighty Ogopogo swimming through Lake Okanagan (in B.C.)


Above is son at the school fair.  He was up until 2 am, stressing about this project and presenting it at the fair.

  I called the school in the morning and let them know I would bring him just prior to the fair starting, so he could sleep in a bit.  Otherwise, those headaches he's prone to getting?  Major problem when he's tired!

  The school was awesome, as always.  I am so impressed with their thoughtfulness and appreciation of the problems son faces. They set up his display in a quiet place, next to a window.  That window was a godsend as the library was VERY warm with all the people in there!  Not only the students and their displays, but school staff, then the judges and THEN family and friends!

   We were fortunate enough to have not only Nana come by but also Aunt Wendy and her boys.  I sent out a special invitation to the boys as they are starting regular school for the first time next fall after being homeschooled for the past 8 and 10 years. I was delighted that their mother also attended ~ she was able to show the boys her alma mater and they viewed the wall of shame fame (the walls bearing graduation pictures of hubby and his five siblings...)

  Son did not win this fair, thank goodness.  We were more than happy to dispose of the project and know that is finished, forever and ever.  Yeah, staying up until 2 am stressing over presentation is as bad as me staying up for hours on end, FINISHING the damn thing....oops, did I say that out loud????

The best news?  No more heritage fairs in high school!! ....THE BAD NEWS?  SCIENCE FAIR NEXT...


Susan said...

Like I said, lovely project on Ogopogo, love the setup and design! and best of all - it's done!!!! Very glad the school is so supportive of him too.

restyled home said...

It looks like a great project! Mum said Mathew did well, and she also said she thoroughly enjoyed the play, too. Sounds like a busy time in your household...hope you feel better soon!

Love to all,

The Wooden Porch said...

The project looks like it turned out really well!!

Julie said...

At last, the elusive Ogopogo!!!
May you, son and Ogo have some blessed rest now.