Monday, April 14, 2008

Random Chat

What do you think of this charming house?  I'll have to get more photos of it because it is straight out of the Swiss Alps.  It is actually my neighbour's house, 2 doors down. 

Neighbours House Whereas our house is on a the barest lot of all hers is on one of the most natural looking of all.  It is certainly amazing to have such different houses and landscapes within a house or two of each other! 

Don't you think this could be the house from Hansel and Gretel?  If only it were covered in candy...


At this very moment I am waiting for daughter to call for a ride home.  Tonight is the last night of rehearsals for the school play before they perform in front of a live audience tomorrow.  Oh daughter is not IN the play, she's part of the supporting crew that helps to make it all possible.  Remember, she's the one all in black working the lights and sound system?  Her part for this play is actually working one of the spotlights.  Another niece of mine is actually in the play so I might just go watch it.

It's 11:30 pm...and yes, I do know where my daughter is.  She has MY cellphone and calls me to rub it in....OOPS, there's the phone and it's daughter looking for a ride!

Good night everyone and may we all please, PLEASE have a restful night's sleep that lasts longer than 2 hours!!


Dianne said...

Just dropped by to say hey and let you know that I enjoyed your post and will be back to read some more. I came over from Mary's blog Across The Pond and thought I would check you out.

Wild Rose said...


That house is lovely ~ it looks like it has been there forever. I do love those well established gardens ~ they make such a change from the cleared lots found in new developments.

I dropped by from Hedgerow Hollow to say hello. Hope to see you soon!

Marie x

restyled home said...

I so wish I could see that play/musical. KV always did the best musicals...very professional...and GREAT lighting and effects!!!

Wish Kristen good luck for me!!

Andi said...

What a great house. It puts my townhouse to shame, even with my lovely daffodils and tulips shining for all they're worth.