Friday, April 25, 2008

A Favourite Guest Pops In.

Well, look who came to visit us on Sunday!  She was so excited to come over and we were happy to have her.  She marvelled at the ice-free lake and viewed some birds through binoculars with her cousin.  She saw a bird (Osprey I suspect) dive-bomb the lake for food and checked out the ducks puttering about our cove.


Here she is with her snack.  I like to spoil her (who wouldn't want to spoil this cutey??) however recognize the need to limit certain food groups ~ like pop for instance.  I still wanted to make it special for her and found the cutest little coke glass....a miniature version of what I used as a child!  This special "pop" glass caused a bit of anxiety though.....

Hubby first gave niece her snack but put the drink in a sippy cup with a lid.  Now my niece is 5 and is adament she is a "big girl" now and so no little baby things for her!  She requested her special glass but hubby didn't know what she meant.  When I came out to join her I immediately corrected THAT problem much to her relief.  She looked at her uncle and said,

"SEE?  I TOLD you I had a special BEER glass!"

(I hastily corrected her and pointed out it was a POP glass not a beer of these days I'm going to get a concerned call from her mother...!!)


Here my subject strikes a favourite pose for my camera.


She was such a sport!  She even let me get in close, REALLY close for yet another shot....



The macro feature works well, doesn't it?  If I had her beautiful eyes and young complexion I'd plaster my walls with my pictures!  But for this"older aunt" I'll settle for photo of the photogenic kids in the family.  Some of the older kids "of the clan" are a bit camera shy but the younger ones are still willing to ham it up ~ thank goodness!


Once snack time was over well it was time to check out the ducks in the cove and the dock!  Here is Uncle John (my hubby) with our niece.

So this is the same guy who let our dog run off the dock the previous weekend.... feel safe there?  I was watching!  (just kidding, hubby adores kids ~ it's ME I have to worry about!)


They did a bit of "fishing" niece-style...throwing in pieces of reeds and imagining the colourful fish they were catching.  They did a little rock throwing as well; there is some kind of magnetic attraction to tossing in stones and watching the splash and ripples, isn't there?  It doesn't matter how old or how young you are.  Just set out some water and some rocks and you just know that sooner or later, rock will meet water!


Here's hubby keeping a firm grip on niece's coat.  Just to make sure that little feet didn't lose their balance or move forward! 



I told my niece she was good luck for us; during her visit an osprey flew over the lake and did some dive-bombing for fish.  That was quite a sight for all of us to see!

See you later, alligator!  Until next time!


Julie said...

"Beer glass": too cute. She is really cute too.