Thursday, April 10, 2008

Of Geese and Ducks

Well what do you know? Spring is here after all!  In just a few days it warmed up and the snow melted!  The ice on the lake is shrinking daily and the Canadian geese are back!  The geese are visiting the backyard again and a pair of ducks are thinking about having some offspring back there.  As much as they are cute and fun to watch it wouldn't be wise to park a nest right behind us.  Our outdoors cat and 2 dogs can't pass up the chance to run and bark after the fowl.  Mind you, when kitty tried to stalk the ducks a few days ago those 2 ducks quacked and squawked at the cat until they were good and ready to move on!

Here are some pictures of our 2 legged visitors.

In this first picture if you look carefully to the left you can see our black cat.  He actually crept down the the wide open...thinking no one could see him.  I gather the concept that he is black, black, BLACK and everything else is much lost on him.  He was lickin' his chops for dinner but boy, did those 2 ducks chew him out!  They had just chased another pair of ducks away from their wee watering hole and were probably ticked off at this new nuisance to their sanctuary.

Cat and ducks6

There is a marsh area adjacent to our property.  These fowl were on the ice just next the marshy area.  Those are more ducks to the left of the Canadian geese.

 Geese and ducks_edited

I'm quite fond of this pair.  The fellow marches across the ice first, looking for a new cozy spot to swim and then she follows.  The ice is melting right now so every 3rd or 4th step their little webbed feet sink and they lose their dignity again.

Duck walk_edited

Those ducks just KNOW when I'm snapping photos of them!

Duck walk2_edited

Duckies, I hope you find a safe place for your eggs.  And please poop somewhere OTHER than our backyard; I've been picking lots up again since the snow melted...


The Wooden Porch said...

How cute! I wish we had ducks in our yard.

Your cat is funny!!

There is a prison on the other side of town and for some reason, every summer, hundreds of geese settle down there. (There is a small pond outside the fence.) It's so cute in late spring when all the little babies run around. This year I want to grab my camera and get some shots of them to post on my blog, but man, those geese are freakin' MEAN!