Saturday, April 19, 2008

Birds of a feather flock together....

In the previous post I wrote about how the ducks are fighting over our cove.  This morning while hubby, animals and I were enjoying some warmth and sun in the backyard we witnessed a surprising sight.

ALL the birds in our area suddenly fussed loudly and all took flight.  Looking around to see what caused this commotion our eyes went skyward and saw this first picture:


A large bird was coming across our lake and ALL the other birds were flying near it ~ and some were dive-bombing the bird!  These other birds were trying to drive this larger creature away!

Even our friendly neighbourhood ducks banded together and took flight after this bird!  I could only get a couple of pictures before it was too far away for a decent shot.  It is a bald eagle!  Not the baby bird kind I posted about last week, but one with its distinctive head and tail!  I trimmed the photo above and his white head is evident:


You could see the distinct white head and tail.  It did a full sweep of the lake following the shoreline.  I didn't get the sense it was particularily disturbed by the birds fussing about it.

Here is the last shot I took of the eagle in flight:

DSCF0608 In this photo the white tail is clearly visible. 

This bird was magnificent ~ and huge!  You cannot appreciate its size without something to measure it against and unfortunately there was nothing in my viewfinder to use as a marker.  Last fall we were fortunate enough to see one of these huge birds sit for a while, on top of the beaver's dam.  With a little luck perhaps this will happen again ~ only this time I will be armed and ready with my new camera!!


Susan said...

Cool. cool to see eagles regularly in your area! I couldn't believe the other picture you had on the earlier post....we get hawks here, and falcons, and owls, but no eagles although on the outskirts of the city there are some. but you get them over your house! *envy*

and Kristen - I'm so proud of her! Glad you had sighting of her!

which reminds me of Ogopogo.....don't know which is better, that the project is over, or there will be no more for you! They are stressful. Did Mathew convince anyone (did YOU convince anyone) that Ogopogo DOES exist and we lived in the area and lake he/she/it swims in???

Sorry, I just saw I put comments for three of your posts into's late, I'm sorry they're not with the right posts! But you get what I mean.....
love ya, sis :-) hope you're feeling better soon. You've been sick for a week now.

Julie said...

I can't believe the other birds were brave enough to dive bomb an eagle! I had never heard of that.