Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's the Middle of the Night and all is Quiet....

Okay, so maybe not so quiet.  The animals are restless looking for a reason to bark, hiss and run for cover as I sit here at the computer at 2 am.  My poor stomach is turning cartwheels and I can't decide if I'm going to be sick or my body is just practising for something better!

George glows

Update:  For all of the treatment it doesn't really look like George's neck is getting better.  He is acting more like himself however.... so I can't say for sure.   I did put a doll's t-shirt on him but he needs something a little bigger.  As soon as I put it on he stiffened out as straight as a board then turned into a puddle on the floor.  Efforts to encourage him to walk, sit, roll over were met with the continuing limp noodle effect.  He looked hysterical.  I'm actually going out to shop for a shirt for my cat tomorrow (today actually, isn't it?) to protect his sore as we think the other cat may be licking it.  There'll be photos forthcoming...some of which he will probably never forgive me for!  No wonder it looks like he's shooting daggers at me in the above photo!


Jean and Harry

Health note:  Poppa is under the weather with kidney stones.  He's resting...uncomfortably? home .  As this pain is rated right up there with childbirth, our thoughts and prayers go out to him for a speedy recovery.


It was a foggy, rainy day today.  It is great to see the dirty snow and ice melting away but I have to tell you that when I see heavy rainfall I get nervous.  Very nervous.  Bathroom renovations, er new bathroom building... has started but until it is completed with the new plumbing working, then another severe rainfall will cause more sewer backup.  That rates right up there with root canals, colicky babies and puppies who crap in their dog kennel then sleep in it.

What's that last comment, you ask?  Oh...nothing much really... hubby looked after younger brother's dogs over the weekend.  One totally rambunctious black lab and the biggest German Sheppard puppy ever!  Of course, all German sheppards look pretty big to me since one bit me in the ass when I was around 4.  (The nightmare became firmly entrenched when I had to get a tetnus shot ...I was one of those kids who shrieked and went hysterical at the thought/sight of a needle)

Charlie rests

So, meet Charlie.  Cute huh?  Check out those paws though and don't let the "cute" fool you!  Since this photo was taken in February this "little" fellow has grown.  A LOT.  Bigger dog means more food and bigger poop, right?

John relaxes Meet hubby.  Looks relaxed and mellow ~  HA!  This is NOT a dog lover folks!  Imagine his joy upon arriving at brother's house to let puppy out in the morning, only to discover that Charlie had pooped in his kennel and then....uh... er.... slept in it?  Charlie spent the day gaily frolicking in the snow which apparently did a good job of removing leftover crap on his fur while dear hubby cleaned out the cage.  Later that day when it was time for the dogs to come in I made SURE I was "too busy" to go!  Just in case ....

Poor hubby.  He really has tried to understand the psyche of an animal lover as we will be celebrating 23 years of marriage soon.  Those first few years were pet-less bliss (on his part).  Then the animal takeover started with cats.  They came and went for a number of years before I suprised hubby with an iguana. 


Except I was the surpised one - how could I know hubby had a rabid fear of reptiles until Iggy came home?  And what were the chances that our itsy, bitsy Alberta town (in the middle of NOWHERE) would have a freakin' fully-grown iguana lounging in the main street pet shop window? 

Full Grown Iguana

Or that we would unknowingly take a casual stroll on a warm, sunny day past this window and that hubby would actually LOOK in the window?  What happened next is still too traumatizing to bring up, even years later..... suffice it to say, Iggy was sent packing back to the pet store.



I did move on to puppies.  For anyone knowing us, you already know about our terrible string of bad luck regarding animals.  In fact, if I were an animal and was being considered for inclusion into this household, I'd run.  The other way.  As fast as my 4 legs would take me, howling all the way.  Let's just say that we are on a lucky streak at the moment.  George has been around for 11 years and the other three animals for 4 years - a record.  This is it as far as the zoo express goes though.  Hubby just hasn't developed into an animal lover I'm afraid.  So I have promised once these animals are gone that is it.

....except maybe a cat or two?  Maybe?  Please??

Uh...I love you honey?  Does that help?



Susan said...

Love the post, did NOT know John didn't like animals, so he deserves a medal for living with a full household of them!!! no wonder he asks if YOU are finally happy, with all the animals!!
and ewwww gross for the puppy babysitting story, yuck!!
Hope George gets well soon.....
we had our foggy rainy day yesterday too, plus a wee bit of so close to our record snowfall EVER!!!!
but I'd rather it warm up and it promises to be above 0 tomorrow, so we are all excited. Apparently we set a record for coldest March on record, *sigh*
will reply on your other post about Kristen (cute story, that!)