Saturday, April 19, 2008


Oh wow, just when I was ready to give up on EVER seeing nice it is!  A few days ago our lake looked like this:


Then it slowly started to melt.  Yesterday about 3/4 of the lake had a thin sheet of ice left.  Overnight ~ I kid you NOT ~ it melted and now the lake is clear!  If you look at the next photo, I took it about an hour ago!  Look Ma, no ice!  Hubby and kitty (Spook) ventured to the end of the dock to have a look about.

DSCF0548 Spook is peering over the edge, rather nervously, literally glued to hubby's side.  This is NOT accidental, I assure you, and he was the only animal brave enough to go out there with that particular man.  What's the story you ask?  Well funny you should want to know...

See this darling dog?  This is Jasmine, our husky & Border Collie cross.  She is a sweety-pie and adores hubby.


Or at least she did until a few days ago.... it was another sunny day and hubby took the dogs out back after their dinner.  The ducks were out back close to our shore, which excited everyone!  Hubby got to running and that made Jasmine speed up....

So they both ran on the dock ~ but only one stopped on time and it wasn't the poor dog.  In her chasing enthusiasm she forgot the dock ended; just as she neared the far end she applied the brakes to no avail.... she shot off the end, hit the ice and went through.  Hubby had the grace to look alarmed and bent over to help Jasmine out.  Fortunately the ice was thin and it shattered so she was able to swim out under her own power.

She was thoroughly wet and her fur stank!  Hubby admired her pluck to get herself out and I think, was a bit relieved he didn't have to go in after her.  If she was in trouble and he didn't go in, well, I would have pushed him in to help her; seeing as he arranged her "accident".  She remained in fine form although she hasn't been back on the dock with him since.  I've always said she's a smart cookie!


This is one sight that makes my dogs tear down the back lawn!  The geese haven't been by in the last couple of days so perhaps they've continued on their journey north.

What doesn't go anywhere are the ducks.  In fact you'd think our little cove was actually called "Cupid's Cove" the


way the ducks are behaving right now!  There are 3 or 4 pairs of ducks vying for our for private conversation maybe?

Here is couple number 1. For a while it looked like they would be the winners of our ultimate honeymoon spot and they swam about for a few days.  The dogs bothered them somewhat so maybe they had a few complaints about the place...









Here is couple number 2.  I think these are from last year's babies; there were some tiny ducklings and another bunch that were bigger but still not fully grown.  I think that bunch grew up but a few of them didn't feel the urge to move far from home!


Couple number 3 are wishy-washy and only drop in to cause trouble.  They are hard to nail down for a picture so I suspect they are fugitives on the run from some other location.  They are certainly annoying the other 2 couples and regularily all three sets of ducks quack and flap at each other.  This morning, in the wee hours of 5 am, they were all out there fussing about....boy, someone needs to buy those ducks a CLOCK!