Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Great Day for Jumping!

It is so hard to sit when you are a child ~ especially when the weather is fabulous and there is a TRAMPOLINE nearby!!  We put ours out last weekend and our niece loves it.  She bounced by today for the express purpose of jumping to her heart's content.  I could not pass up this photoghenic opportunity and so, I give you... PICTURES!!


There is my niece bouncing circles around...could it be... YES IT IS!  She's bouncing circles around my DAUGHTER!!  Sighting confirmed folks!



Daughter obviously didn't cooperate to my niece's satisfaction, so here  is niece showing Kristen who is boss!








Well that obviously worked!  Now daughter is giving niece a lift!  Uh...but exactly where are you two headed??  In circles perhaps??



Do you remember the fun and enthusiasm of youth?  Remember when you would go and PLAY?  Trampolines weren't available

when I wasDSCF1041 a child.  The only jumping we did like this was when the fair came to town.  There was a place called the "Moonwalk" and it was my absolute FAVOURITE!  It was similar to a trampoline except that its surface was held up by air.  You bounced and jumped through your time, which seemed to fly by.  Do you remember that ride/adventure at the fair? DSCF1040

It was a feeling like no other ~ your hair would fly all around, if someone fell to the ground a huge indent would usually suck you in, so you would roll down to whoever was at the bottom.  Then you'd have to climb and jump your way out.  No WONDER we slept so well after going to the fair!  Not to mention all the other rides of course.


As parents we hope for that same joy and fun for our kids.  As our kids get older it takes more for that happy abandonment to fill even part of a day.  For little ones though, whatever they are doing they are absorbed in it!  My niece jumped until she had enough and then she came out for other adventures.  Behind her she left one tired puppy!...


...shhhh!  A teen needs her beauty sleep!  DO NOT DISTURB!  This one bites!







Here is my niece.... it looks like she's resting!  So THAT's how kids recharge their batteries so fast ~ it's those freakin' minute long meditations they do!  Actually, she was throwing the ball for our lazy dog, who is partially visible on the left of the photo.  The pug in the background doesn't chase balls.  Gee, that would be WORK for such a creature as himself!


Here she is using her... her... what the heck WAS that word she called it?  Her "elli-opters" to look for the train that was about to go by on the other side of the lake.  When I inquired as to what  an "elli-opter" was, she described it as "those circle things you can see with!"....aaahhh.... binoculars!.... well, I kinda like her word for it.  Makes it sound more round and appropriate.  She did eventually see the train because it went by...and went by....and went by.....


and just kept going!  Here she is watching the final cars go by.  Boy, I see the future here.  Zoom forward some years and she is standing and waiting for her kids, or her friend, or her dad to HURRY UP!!  A mini-me!  That exact same pose struck by mothers and women everywhere.  I knew some things are just naturally part of being a girl!


You know you are a popular destination when your niece informs her mother that "she just LOVES it when she (mother) leaves!".  As in, go away and leave me here to have fun!  Don't worry small one, I have a craft corner just itching for little hands to make stuff.  And yes, there is always the trampoline!


restyled home said...

Ahem...are you trying to secure the role of favourite auntie?? I have some major sucking up to do when I come down, I see...

I never get to be favourite aunt to anyone since I live so far away!!

Nice to see Kristen having some fun and not working!

Love to all,

onelittlemustardseed said...

I loved reading this...I loved the photos and I appreciate how beautifully you write about my amazing little girl who adores you all so much!

If your not careful...she will want to visit her auntie every day!!! She tells me you won't mind!