Friday, May 9, 2008

Of New and News....

What a week.  Scary thing is, it isn't over yet!  I just might go stick my head in sand and stay there until a new week rolls around!  Let's see what has been going on in my not-so-cozy-corner now!

First, we are shopping for another vehicle rather unexpectedly.  When we moved to New Brunswick last summer we sold one vehicle in Alberta and shipped the other with us.  We kept the Toyota Matrix.  We then purchased a truck here.  In New Brunswick - UNLIKE Alberta - vehicles must have a safety inspection every year in order to renew the vehicle's registration.  Our new (er, used-but=-new-to-us) truck will not pass that inspection without significant work.  As in, more money to fix it than what it cost to buy it!  Being gone from the land of sea and humidity and salt on the winter roads....we forgot the impact that this environment has on vehicles.  That would be r-u-s-t, the number 1 enemy of all vehicles.  It seems the body of the truck is rusted badly.  Oh I miss Alberta on days like these!

The price of a brand new vehicle is sickening.  So we are shopping for a new-but-used car or truck again.  A bit of a blow as it was unexpected.  Apparently our new lawn tractor just isn't a good enough vehicle to drive to and from work on....

Yes, we bought a lawn tractor.  Mowing over 1/2 acre of lawn every freakin' week in this humid and hot climate is brutal.  I should know, I did it all last summer.  Hubby ordered a red tractor, that being his favourite colour and all.  I'm sure I'll look so cute driving around on a bright red tractor with my new diamond earrings sparkling in my ears.  Or better yet, every neighbour and his dog will see the crazy woman careening through brush and over bumps on the bright, shiny tractor.  And these neighbours will wince and murmur prayers for my poor hubby who must put up with Rambo on a pint-sized machine.

I did finally get my diamond earrings after nearly 23 years of marriage.  Fortunately for me my girlfriend, who understands about me and shiny things.... recently vacationed in Dubai and did a little shopping.  I got a beautiful pair of diamond studs out of her trip - paid for by hubby's overtime, of course!  I ADORE these sparkly gems.  On the day that I got them I asked hubby if he minded if I loved my girlfriend just a little more than him on that particular day.... hee hee.  Now maybe I should shop for a pair of stilettos to round off that sight ~ a woman, her sparklie ears, wearing stilettos and driving a red, shiny lawn tractor.  Oh wait, I'll have to toss on a feather boa too, just to complete the picture.  What a sight that would be!  There would be one or two people who would cease boozin' on the spot with that image swimming about!

If that weren't enough to keep us busy this week, we then had one of those parent moments that sharply defines the life you had and the one that is coming.  I'm talking about kids and independence, of course.  Our daughter does not understand that she is our girl, whom we swore to serve and protect...oops, wrong form...that one was when we joined the Canadian Forces!  I mean, the love and raise your child to be independent chapter!!  We did a good job.  Apparently we did an outstanding job.... you see, daughter left us yesterday for a 4 day adventure in another city.  Without us.  Without any emotional good-bye.  Without one freakin' tear I might add.  So much for sweet sorrow.  I gave her the cellphone and we went over all the scary scenarios she might encounter and, I mean WATCHED, as she packed her suitcase.  Then she left.  Happy and excited.  Hubby is having some problems adjusting to the fact that daughter hasn't called.  She probably doesn't miss us.  Oiy, but that's a tiny prick to the heart - our baby doesn't need us!  (Oh MOM she'll shriek, I'm NOT A BABY!!)

I know, I know....but I remember.... *sigh* I told hubby, we did our job.  We did our job so well that maybe we did it just TOO darned well!  Our job as parents is to raise healthy, adjusted and happy individuals.  The teen years are when our little beloveds stretch their wings and prepare to fly from the nest and set out on their own.  Yesterday is the start of that journey for our girl.  There was a time when she was attached to my ankle and leaving her ANYWHERE without me traumatized her.  When she was a toddler.  Now she is a secure teen who is eagerly awaiting life and these short forays have given her a taste of youth and freedom and fun.  She did ask if she had to call us once daily (imagine the NERVE of parents horrible enough to want THAT?) and I said no.  I told her that if there was a problem we would know about it and if we didn't hear that means she was having fun and everything was fine.

Everything is fine.  AAAAAaaaaarrrgghhhhhh!! I'm going nuts here!  Kid, can't you pretend...just a teeny, tiny bit?  You know, start training US??? 

We have one (her) who can't wait to fly the coop.  Then there is the other one....who states he ain't leaving.  Ever. 

Oh, I don't know which one is going to make me cry more!!!



Susan said...

Where did Kristen go to? You don't say, in the post! And it's hard to not hear from them, isn't it? when Duncan went to Calgary last year, it was difficult to have to wait through the week to hear how things were - he had to call once a week to check in, because he was gone for so long. Not it prevented trouble, I am sad to say!! But all is well, and he is slowly edging out the door.....but Kristen? Wow! and boo hoo, she can't be THAT old yet......hope she has a great time!