Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It Is A Busy World

Hello - long time no hear!  Sorry... I started working again and things are chaotic.  On top of that,  Long shifts standing at a cash register.  It reminds me that I am actually in my 40s now and no longer 20-something.  Ouch!

For what is considered a minor position, there was 4 straight days of orientation.  Cripes I didn't even have that when I worked for the Federal Government!  The training was full time during the days which created its own stress; son had  an anxiety attack the second day I was gone.  The schedule meant I was gone before the kids got up and didn't arrive back home until the supper hour.  For someone who goes to school only half days, this made for long and lonely afternoons.

My employer is trying to accommodate my needs and we are still working on a 40 hour a week schedule.  The full daytime hours are limited though; making it possible to be home in the morning or in the afternoon.

Since starting this work however I am zonked by the time I get home.  A quick supper and then you will find me dozing somewhere - anywhere - in the house.  I now have 2 days off and then back to the "grind".  The customers for the most part are very friendly and understanding.  They are a great bunch of people coming through there.

With 2 days off there is so much to do and just not enough hours!  I may be just short & sweet here until I get things running smoother...