Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Busy Out Here

To get things started here's a bird or two seen recently about my property -

DSCF0870_edited Ducks are territorial!  The little couples visit their favourite spots and squabble with other ducks in the area.   You'd think there would be enough water and shoreline for all but some of these guys are quite greedy!

This next colourful duck is a wood duck.  Although it is quite late

DSCF0901 and maybe my facts are screwed up.  I like these guys; apparently as little fluffy babies they like to follow their mothers and so hop out of their nests after mom-bird goes off.  Only thing is, their nests are off the ground sometimes to the tune of 15 feet!  Not to worry though...apparently they bounce.  Yes, the fall and bounce a few times and off they good, as good as new!

I enjoy sitting on my deck or in the backyard, watching all the wildlife living in and around our lake.  All the breeds, colours, shapes and sizes.  I haven't seen this in over 10 years!  It is very relaxing.

I like relaxing.  There isn't enough of it right now.  Things are a bit hectic, what with me starting work next week and car-hunting.  I'm not sure which one is worse.  The price of vehicles is absolutely ridiculous!  We can't decide between a SUV or a minivan or just a big car.  Can you believe I actually judge the backseat by how close my kids will have to sit together?  Most often when they are both in the same vehicle as either me or hubby, or both of adult and one kid per row of seats.  The further apart those 2 are, the better! 

For my sister:  daughter went to "Dramafest".  This is a 4 day event where many different schools came together to show their acting/stage production/theatre abilities.  This year the different schools stayed at a smaller university that is situated on the University of New Brunswick campus.  She had a lot of fun but that's all I know since I'm her mother so she doesn't divulge much information my way.

While I am excited about working for the first time in this province, the anxiety and stress builds daily.  Son is realizing with each passing day that the time of independence is growing very near...and he's not comfortable with it.  I am slowly creating the resource book for him, with his schedules to emergency contacts and so on.  I'll have to have a lunch ready for him and also a snack for the afternoon.  He isn't comfortable using any kitchen appliance, aside from warming something up in the microwave.  Son discovered this morning that he'll be in the house by himself  on some mornings ~ starting Tuesday morning.  He's quite upset and that builds his anxiety level, and so on and so forth.  I wonder what a few days of being by himself in the afternoon will do?  Oh, I hope he's mature enough to handle it!!

While trying to sort out a resource book for him, I'm also trying to finish the wedding scrapbook for my girlfriend, while also shopping for a new vehicle ~ plus get everything ready for the job.



restyled home said...

You've got a lot on your plate. I hope it goes better than you are anticipating!

Take care,

Susan said...

Dramafest sounds cool. Tell her I think what she is doing is so fun, mostly because she is liking it so. I boast about her too, my niece who works at the tech set up for plays!
and i hope you enjoyed your relaxing. Sounds fun! *wistfully said* We went on a trip to our little Mud Lake conservation area - a few minutes walk from here - and saw some cool ducks too, kind of like yours, and turtles sunning themselves on logs. the kids were fascinated and had a great time. Whenever we come visit you, I can safely say they will LOVE your backyard lake!!!! (and seeing all of you, too!)