Thursday, May 8, 2008

A View of High Water

To get an idea of how high the water levels rose at their peak, here is a photo I took in February.  It shows a local landmark (lighthouse) at a small park on the river.  To the right is a playground but I'm not sure you can see it.  In front of the lighthouse is a lower level with grass and a concrete walkway.  The distance from the base of the lighthouse to the level of the ice is approximately 10 feet.

little lighthouse2

This is at the peak of the rising water.  It is the same lighthouse as the photo above.  I doubt those puny little sandbags have much value in keeping the water back...

Renforth lighthouse

This is the playground that you might be able to see in the first photo.  It is slightly higher than the lighthouse.  The second and lower level is completely submerged as is the wharf, boat launch area and part of the small boat club located nearby.

Renforth park

This is along the Kennebecasis River, just outside of Saint John, NB.  Hubby and I had looked at a couple of homes along this river when we were house-hunting last summer.  I'm very happy we chose the house on the lake instead!!