Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Drive and A Bird


Okay I want some help identifying the bird you about to meet! 

There I was, driving down my street, heading towards home on a beautiful afternoon.  Last weekend it was.  When I spotted that same sight that makes hubby and I quite curious...


That bird.  The strange looking one.  Again!  I threw the camera at my daughter and ordered   politely asked her to take some photos while I drove after the bird.


I hope no one was watching us at this point because my driving was rather erratic.  I was looking up at the bird and trying to follow the bird rather than the road.  There might actually be some tire treads across a lawn or two....some dirt kicked up in a ditch somewhere..... but none of that really matters does it?  I mean, we actually got some pictures I could BLOW up!


Here is a decent shot.  The sun is shining on half of the bird and the colour division is clearly visible.





This is the same bird at a different angle.  The shape of the wing and feathers are clearer here, although the picture itself is a bit blurry.


Does anyone have any idea what it is?  I'll be looking through my bird books again.  He appeared in a flock of approximately 12 to 15 of these and they were gliding  in circles.  I believe the beak was an orange-y colour.


Julie said...

Looks like a turkey buzzard to me. They used to roost solely along the Missouri River here in Bismarck, now they have moved into my part of town. They give me the creeps as they soar overhead and roost on the water tower and in the trees. Thanks to a few of my blogging friends (Leanne in England, Bimbimbie in Australia and Judie in Florida)I am trying to learn to like them.

Lady P said...

You are right Julie. We found our book on birds common to this area and their bird in flight looks identical to ours. Imagine that - vultures in my cozy corner! I always imagined these critters around desert and cactus. There are a lot of them around here. Yikes, what the heck are they eating???