Thursday, February 14, 2008

What A Valentine's Day!!

1. No school again today ~ due to localized flooding...I think. Our lake flooded somewhat and there is awful coloured water creeping up the lawn.

2. Hubby writes his apprenticeship exam today. He forgot his books and calculator at work yesterday and couldn't get a hold of anyone to find out where he'd left them. He was stressed. We all hope he passes; he's certainly been studying his noodle off for it. It will make things much easier around here if he does!

3. It was on this date last year that I pulled my son out of school. Although it made some things harder for me it was entirely worth it. He's been attending some sort of school half days since then and I discovered on that day that there are always options even when it seems like you are backed into a corner. I didn't have much support about my decision but I do not regret it. Son had endured almost 8 constant years of torment and harrassment and was rapidly falling apart. He was talking about suicide even and his depression was deepening. He doesn't talk about suicide anymore and neither has he been bothered by any students since that day.

4. We're purchasing an elliptical machine! We sold our treadmill before moving back to Alberta and we've missed an exercise machine. Given that hubby and I both have early arthritis in our knees, ankles...blah, blah, blah, we opted for something that will have less wear and tear on the joints. He shopped for days and we've settled on one. Now if it would quit storming and flooding the store would stay open long enough for him to go in there and purchase one!!

5. We're having some family over for Valentine's dinner this evening. I'd best be off to shop and cook!

Have yourself a nice Valentine's Day everyone.


restyled home said...

Hi Patricia,

I've loved this series of posts!! I hope John had a successful exam and I hope your wet basement doesn't send him over the deep end!!

Enjoy your Valentine's...what are you making for dinner??

Love, Linda