Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'm Back!

Ok, so I was back a few days ago ~ a few of my favourite blogs know that because of my comments I left. I've been more a lurker than a blogger the past few days even though hubby fixed the computer the first day. The computer crashing meant all the uploaded games were wiped out off the hard drive including my favourite *sniff* ~ Majhong. Perhaps hubby conspired with the kids to remove it and hide it as they know I'm addicted to that game! Well, not to worry...there's always my Nintendo DS with the Majhong game there (heh heh heh).

The winter crabbies have set in, a.k.a., winter blahs, cabin fever, whatever you want to call it. It is either slushy or icy right now and it's that time of year that walking anywhere is risking limbs and ankles. It's the last stretch to spring and boy it can't come soon enough over here!!

I've been busy with my son. Getting to school and STAYING there seems to be a challenge right now. He convinces himself that he is sick and then I get the phone call to come and get him. When you consider he is only at school for mornings seems crazy to come home! We are fighting over two other issues daily right now as well. The first one is making him wear his glasses. He sees me washing them in the morning and the fussing starts. It doesn't matter that the kid can't see close up (he's far-sighted, just like me) he just doesn't want to wear the glasses. Then he's been insisting I stand at the door with him when he leaves in the morning. Considering he is soon to turn 15, I was hoping he'd show a bit more independence. He's reversed a little since moving here though. Now he doesn't want to be alone at all in the house whereas in Alberta I could leave him for an hour or two and run some errands.

My daughter on the other hand, freaks out at me if I don't drive away immediately after dropping her off at school. It's humiliating apparently, for your mother to lovingly watch you stride into school. Yeesh. You'd think for all that birthing crap I had to go through she'd appreciate those loving looks a bit more!! She doesn't want me picking her up after school anymore either. Apparently I'm not handling the parking lot DISASTER (aka kids and cars) all that well.

Really, would you? Once the school bell goes at the end of the day it's a free-for-all in the parking lot. It's a race to be first off the school grounds by students with vehicles. They spin their tires, race out of the lot...line up 5 or 6 abreast to get out and I won't even start on how many are chatting on their cellphones before leaving their parking stall!! The speed limit is 20km/hr on school property...HA... 20 km/hr does NOT kick up dust clouds behind squealing tires! My temper usually gets the better of me by the time Kristen climbs in. Every day these kids cut me off, do the almost hit-and-miss thing, do not yield at the YIELD sign...oh, I can feel the blood boiling. If I could get away with it I'd love to take a beat-up car in there and just play smash-'em up derby. Just once. Just for the thrill of it and to wipe the smiles off their faces. Did anyone see the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes"? Remember the scene where the 2 young girls in a snazzy car steal a parking space from under Kathy Bates nose? Do you remember how revenge was so sweet when she drove her car into their convertible and in reply to their "we're younger and prettier" she laughed back at them something to the effect of, "I'm richer and have better insurance"??? Wasn't that an honest-to-goodness feel AWESOME moment? Or am I as crazy as loving daughter believes I am?

I had a question lately about why I deleted my other blog. It was about Asperger's Syndrome and my son. The subject matter basically limited what I felt I could talk about and if I dwell on the less than great side of this neurological syndrome it gets me down. My son is sensitive to things being said about him and it was difficult to share information without infringing on his privacy. I told him why I left the other blog and how this one serves a lot of interests I have. It was amusing to hear him say to make sure to include pictures of him for this blog!! He understands why I talk about Asperger's Syndrome and my hope that it can help someone else, but neither of us want our lives completely defined by it. Life is difficult enough coping with the accompanying disabilities without always having it on the mind.

This blog gives me the freedom to discuss Asperger's but also other topics near and dear to me. Perhaps at some point I'll have a second blog devoted just to Asperger's but not now. There's pictures to take, celebrations to post, crafts to do and books to read!! Except it is very, VERY late and time for me to close my eyes and snooze the night away!


Susan said...

Glad you're back! Are you ready for Lizzie and Mr Darcy tonight? I am counting the hours....I know what you mean by feb blahs, we actually saw the sun for 5 whole minutes today, it blinded us! We couldn't look outside, it was so bright! Now it's sadly gone again.....I'm still sick with the virus, my friend Patricia gave me a card with hyacinths on it to cheer me up. You see, it has green and flowers on it, and she figured i was getting sick of all the white snow ( I am)! 6 more weeks to go......I was wondering how it was going with Mathew, he doesn't want to go all day yet? Hmmm, like anyone voluntarily goes to school ALL day!!Did John right his exam yet, or is that this week?
Welcome back, sis! I missed ya!