Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Daze...

In memory of warmer days...I need to remind myself that sunny, warm weather will return to our area. Another storm warning has been issued for tomorrow with it calling for ice pellets, rain, snow ~ the kids' eyes are sparkling at the thought of another "snow day". No...puh-leaze! Haven't there been enough this year already??

Here are a couple of glimpses of why I miss summer...*sniff*...

Now I want you to pay attention to that cute little tree in the front yard. It's sort of a measuring stick for what happpens next...

If you look, REALLY HARD, you can just see the tops of little branches sticking out of the snow. We received that little tree as a housewarming gift, so it was newly planted this summer. Longtimers in this region tell me that all that snow makes for an excellent insulation, protecting little tree from the elements. Oh I hope so!!

My son graciously models for the pictures. Actually he's about 5'9" so I wanted him as a measuring stick (sorry, kid). At 14, almost 15, he's a fair bit taller than I am now...funny, I remember a time looking DOWN at both kids...This next picture I had on an earlier post, showing some of the fishing huts at a nearby wharf. It also shows the outdoor skating rink in action.

....Here is the same area in summer, with son once again posing for me. Isn't everything so wonderful...and GREEN??? I told you this area was for mooring boats ~ see them tied up to the bouys? Now there are CARS and TRUCKS parked over those spots!!

This final lonely looking photo I took a week ago, when hubby took the dogs for a walk across the lake during another snowfall. You can see him almost to the far side of the lake. I zoomed the camera in otherwise they'd look like little ants moving across some flat snow. Hubby was heading to the right because just out of range of this picture is the beaver's dam. In spite of all the walkers, skaters, etc, poking around the dam the beaver hasn't been seen since the fall. I'm ashamed to confess that I can't remember if the animals hibernate of not...guess that's my next quest.
(p.s., this was NOT the time hubby went through the ice for inquiring minds. He went through on our side, among the reeds, a week prior to this)


Susan said...

Thanks for the green in your photos! I need it! I'm so desparate for any signs of spring now. I heard the cardinal (a couple mate in our neighborhood every year) while waiting for Holly-Anne's school bus this morning in -22c weather (WITHOUT THE WINDCHILL!!) and the cardinal's cheery whistle cheered me up tremendously! Until I got too cold...wah! I need spring to come soon! Am home sick the next few days, the virus I had last week mutated into my neck glands and they are swollen and sore now....I'm off to do some reading since the house is MINE and empty and I can read!!! what a treat!
I guess you and I are not winter people, no matter how hard I try, eventually I need spring and green again. love susan

Terri said...

Hey Patricia, love your photos! Man, you guys have got some WEATHER!! We finally got some snow the last few weeks, but only about 8" in the yard now. My Mom in central NB is complaining about her snowbanks and being housebound every time I call her. I do miss a maritime winter, but after a couple of days, it might be more than enough!!

Your son is a handsome model! And TALL!

P.S. I agree with you on the white rooms. I love to LOOK at them, but I do think they are a bit cold and impractical for living in, especially for northern climates. Maybe someplace HOT they would feel more cool and refreshing..still, I love the way they LOOK (and I am usually a very sensible gal).

Hope all is well and you are feeling well and the family is doing great!