Monday, February 25, 2008

DVD Reviews

I watch a lot of movies. It is a hobby that son and I can enjoy together. He eagerly looks forward to DVD release day at Blockbuster (on Tuesdays) and plans what we will watch. Fortunately he is willing to watch quite a wide selection of subjects which makes my life a little easier. I thought I'd share our opinions...if we have any... of some of these. I'm throwing in a bunch to start the list and then hopefully will update as we get them. I can be YOUR local guide to what to watch - or not!

Let's Begin:

I am a fan of Jane Austen's and of anyone who puts in a true effort to keep to her era. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Son passed...his range of interests does not include this kind of film! Some might argue that it is presumptuous for anyone to guess why Jane Austen never married but what I got from the film was more of what might have led to her reflections on her society. It was only a short time ago that women faced challenges like Jane, if they wanted to work outside the home...and if she had been born now, she could have persued her dream vocation without all the husband and family issues she wrestled with.
Hubby and I watched this film and we both liked it very much. It takes place in a small sequence of time so you don't wonder how many days/months have passed and everything ties in nicely.
Although this DVD was good, her first Elizabeth movie was better. Here you can see how her position was lonely and I'm not sure how true to actual events this follows. Still, it shows a remarkable woman and her story. She ruled for many years at a very unstable time in history. Geez...maybe she should've taken husbands and cut off their heads if she didn't produce a female heir? Now THAT would've have been very interesting!
An excellent story, showing how she slowly becomes a queen in more than just name and how she comes to realize the burden of the crown. Again, son did not watch...this genre isn't usually of interest to young teens...
Okay this is just a fun movie. You won't lose sleep over it! It does a good job of poking fun at traditional fairytales and you just have to love the moment when potential human love interest puts a screeching halt to her singing moments.


The Feathered Nest said...

I really liked Elizabeth more too! The second one just wasn't the same. I didn't really like Becoming Jane but I did cry at the end - so sad it had to end that way for the two of them!