Saturday, February 2, 2008

More on that weather...

As I explained in the previous post, our weather was lousy. In addition to local streets and highways our driveway was also coated with ice. This was taken about noon and shows hubby chipping away and removing the ice. It was quite mild out - although the winds were blowing very strongly.

Jasmine is out there keeping hubby company. I'm not sure why she chose to station herself on that little bit of ice...kind of like it's an island ~ perhaps she was worried she'd blow away? She didn't care for the rain and came in after the pictures were taken.

It was this kind of day; one to just hang out and nap. The dogs like to lounge about together and Bosco uses Jasmine as his personal pillow.

And here is little Mr. Attitude...or cranky cat, we sometimes call him. I was just taking one little picture to show everyone in the house was having a lazy day and if you look closely, he is sticking his tongue out at me!! (I think really that he was licking himself but knowing him...hmmm...not entirely sure)

The snow fell to the north of us ~ a benefit to being along the coast for this storm. For our first winter back in the Maritimes it certainly has been.... interesting. I can't wait for spring!!