Friday, February 1, 2008

A Very Special Birthday

Today is Nana's birthday. Harry took her and Poppa out to dinner and then available family gathered at Wendy's for a bit of cake and company. Harry brought an extra special guest along for cake... his new puppy, Charlie. Let's go peek at the evening:

Nana and Poppa. The heart of the family.

Here Nana and the oldest grandchild admire the cake...or those candles? There were actually 2 cakes to taste; we like decent size pieces of dessert and we like variety. Both cakes were delicious but there were only candles on one!!

Rounding up the grandkids (and one special guest) was quite a task...Wendy's house is big and there are all kinds of places the kids can escape to! By the time this picture was taken there were several shots already snapped. It seemed as though one person or another wanted to ham it up for the camera! I think it was a lucky shot to get this one!

After enjoying some cake, John headed out to the living room for a bit of rest. Although this chair looks comfortable ~ and it is...there is a catch to it. It tends to tip a bit ~ perhaps more than a bit. Even after being warned that it sways I was caught offguard when it crazily tipped me back. John makes sitting in that chair look easy.

Nana sits beside John while Andy relaxes in the corner. From one minute to the next it was hard to tell who would be on the couch; there was some kind of crazy musical couch going on and people continually rotated by!

This picture makes it appear that Harry and Christine were relegated to sitting on the floor! In actual fact, they were down there with Harry's new puppy, so don't let them fool you into feeling sorry for them!

Here's the puppy that brought everyone down to the floor. His name is Charlie and he is the newest addition to any of the families. He got a hold of this toy that Wendy's kids made for their....cats? it has kibbles inside of a tied up sock and once Charlie got a hold of it he didn't want to let it go. All that playing and exploring tires little ones out and he was no exception. He spent a lot of the time snuggled with someone or other.

Christine and Harry with Charlie.

Two cousins hamming it up.

Once the chips and the cakes were put on the kitchen table, little miss Ella found her way there all by herself. Once she sampled the chips she started the cherry craze ~ one of the cakes was a Black Forest Cake with many cherries on it. Or there WERE many cherries on it before Ella quietly whisked a couple off. Then a few more people popped a couple off and what do you the time we actually ate the darned cake all the cherries were gone!

After a busy afternoon and evening, Poppa takes a little rest. Although he looks like he might be napping he was actually admiring the puppy, Charlie, who was gnawing the sock on the floor.

Happy Birthday Nana and we wish you many happy returns! Love all the family xoxox


Terri said...

Hey Lady P!

Love your pretty new blog! Hope all is well in your world and that you have a lovely weekend. xo Terri

Susan said...

Hi sis! Hurray, I'm delighted that you are back on with a blog! I missed reading your updates and what was happening with everyone out there. I hope you are enjoying the snowfall, it is still snowing here - at least 20 cm fallen today.....winter continues! And yes, I have the new pin implanted my mouth, getting ready for the new fake tooth in May or June! Now I feel a bit like Frankenstein when I smile, and no, will not post any pictures of it! Love the title of your blog Susan

onelittlemustardseed said...

I love your new blog! I loved reading do such a great job recording our get have a real talent for writing and photography!

restyled home said...

Great to have you back, and I finally got the chance to have a proper look. Thanks for doing this post on Mum's party, since I couldn't be was fun to see everyone together!!

Love to all,

(I'm off to fix my link to you)