Friday, February 22, 2008

Storm Update

Well another record rainfall last weekend; 60mm fell. That came a few days after the downpour record of 80mm which I mention in an earlier post. Our house stayed dry and warm...although I was checking all through the night, so I was tired and cranky! What a relief.

The word is not that wonderful for another home on our street. Conversation through "someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows the owners..." is that the sewage backed up into their home. Apparently it started with an onimous burbling noise and then all hell broke loose, in the form of sewage spewing forth from the toilet, etc. Renovations, or repairs, started right after the first storm with the huge hoses sucking stuff out. Those same hoses appeared again after the second rain (mentioned above). The huge garbage bins that appeared in the driveway are now full of discarded gyproc and wood. My heart goes out to the homeowners; it is such a horrible, nasty thing to happen to your home. I don't know if there was a backwater valve on their sewage line or not. We are going to install a second one backwater stop valve, within the house, on the off chance that the first one ever fails.

Now, as this area slowly heads toward springtime, there is a danger of flooding due to ice. It always happens this time of year when the thaw starts. There was a warning issued last week because the warm temperatures start the rivers and streams flowing until the chunks of ice pile up into a natural dam. Then the water backs up and looks for other ways to continue flowing. The years we lived an hour up the road, in Fredericton....I remember some serious flooding on a few occasions!

For now though, the last gasps of winter insist on hanging on. We're due for 2 cm of snow tonight; hardly worth shovelling for. This is one winter I will be very glad to see the end back and shoulders will thank Mother Nature when the shovels are put away. Wait a minute. That means....that means.....crap! Mowing again!



Terri said...

You guys have had a challenging winter indeed. Looks like this is one for the record books...if not for snowfall or rainfall, at least for how entirely mad it is driving everyone. Spring will be so precious this year!

Peggy said...

But if you had a goat you could pass on the lawn mowing. :) We plan on keeping the two doelings and sell the bucklings. Have to have names to register them to sell.