Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Tasty....Treat?

I saw this ad in the latest People magazine I read. It is the first time I have seen a taste test in a magazine ~ sure, I've seen many "smell" tests but never anything to stick in your mouth. Would you try this?

I was curious how it was presented however; was it a liquid you squeezed into your mouth? A thin, hard candy? To try it out I went in search of a model to demonstrate this ad for us. Aha! A willing tester! daughter!

She was certainly intrigued and decided to try it. Step 1 was peeling the top label off which she is doing quite intently in this shot.

The peeled label had a very thin envelope on the underside, shown here by our fabulous model.

What came out of that envelope is a very thin...piece?...sheet?...of something that dissolves on your tongue. This is the same kind of strip that kids' medecines have these days. To make it easier on your child to take the horrible medicine. Yup, that's a good sign, isn't it? Our taste tester is still eager to proceed at this point.

...and, BINGO!! Ad aim accomplished! RATS! Now daughter wants me to PURCHASE the grape juice! Here I was, poised with the camera to take a picture of her with her faced scrunched up in horror at the taste...and boy, was I fooled!

Final results?
Advertisement = 1
Mother = 0

I'm off to the store now...