Sunday, February 3, 2008

Danger! Thin Ice!

Here's a little bedtime story to scare your little ones....

When your lake is frozen and you wander out on the ice to explore, it might be a good thing to take a stick for poking the ice. It might be VERY prudent to tread VERY carefully when walking in the vicinity of a creek that empties into the lake.

Or, as hubby found out, you will go through the ice. Into the very cold water. Up to the top of your hips. Then, once you crawl out of that mess, chances are excellent you will go through the ice again on your way out of there.

It might be wise to watch your fellow companion, fluffy the dog. Who refused to walk in that part of the lake and so just watched you go through. Or listen to your wife who said you would probably go through in that area, what with the running water.

Of course your wife watched the whole thing through binoculars. She glanced out the window while doing dishes only to see your big dog on the ice with no owner. So she had to get the binoculars and look for your footsteps on the snow-covered ice. She followed the footsteps over to where she located your bright red jacket. Just in time to see you go through - both times. Wife was totally prepared to drop everything and rush to your aid but so long as you were able to get out on your own she just watched the show. Fortunately you only fell in to the tops of your legs. It would have been quite the show if the emergency services had to be called...wouldn't you say?

So little nieces and nephews, sleep well. Nasty little stories such as this make little ones happy to be cozy and warm, all snug in their beds. Uncles are for doing those silly things so you don't have to.

Love Auntie and Uncle.


Princess Kris said...

Welcome back, Mother! Enjoy your new blog. What a funny coincidence-this beditme story sounds an awful lot like what happened to dad a couple of days ago! Imagine that.

Susan said...

HOpe John is ok! glad he only went in to his thighs, and not careful, all of you!!!

restyled home said...

That must have been scary!! It scared me to hear of it, and I'm a little older than the nieces and nephews...