Sunday, August 17, 2008

Farewell Ottawa & Family Photos

Why is it when we say good-bye we like to punish ourselves by taking family photos? Let me show you what I mean...

It came time for the girls and I to depart Ottawa and head on down the highway. I thought a nice photo of my sister and her family would be the order of the day.


Niece and nephew weren't exactly cooperating for ANYONE on this day...

So I gave everyone a breather and tried again. Even worse! Now I'm down to only ONE person smiling at the camera! Squinty eyes at that!

Someone suggested hugging to brighten the mood. Little nephew was game but niece put a pout on and wouldn't have any part of it...there goes another photo!

Right. Surely to god everyone can cooperate for one, miserable, stinking photo???

That.Was.It. Enough effort! This shot will HAVE to do!!


Moving on, my sister and I wanted a picture together.

Great. Who would take the picture?

Brother-in-law? What?

But I haven't SEEN what kind of pictures he takes!

Geez...does he even take any?

Ok ~ let him this once. How bad can it be?

WELL....since you asked.... **WARNING** ...what follows is NOT pretty!!

Hmmm...extra couple of chins, kindofasmirk...excess arm skin. Oh no you didn't!!

Take #2 is better. Check out the face on me - not even my mother could love that! Does Brother-In-Law even like me? I'm beginning to wonder!

Right. We lost one.

The other one is not having a photographic moment.

Auntie isn't doing great either; dig the bent neck and big arm hanging out front!

And why didn't you tell me that my hair looked so awful? Looks like a freakin' MOP and THAT ARM IS HANGING OUT THERE AGAIN!! let's turf the niece and get a "sisters" picture going, 'kay?

oh boy, like that improved anything! This is not a look I want to see A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E let alone in hardcopy for everyone and his DOG to smirk at!

Uh ~ HELLO THERE! Since WHEN does ANYONE photograph two larger women from an unflattering angle and then NOT CROP the bad stuff out??!!

Specially when one IS YOUR WIFE and the other is your v-e-r-y scary SISTER-IN-LAW!

Funny. Very funny.

'Scuse us a moment while I have a word with my dear, dear brother-in-law.....




I'm back! We came to an understanding; we found a very nice photo and he gets to live another fun-filled day with the kids.

FINALLY. A worthy picture.

...and now if you don't mind, I'm going to crawl into a corner with my bottle and have a nervous breakdown while I smash the camera to bits and pieces and drink whisky straight up until that second-to-last photo looks like the last one ~ or until I pass out.

Either way this night is going to end on a luvly note...*hiccup*....


Susan said...

A lovely photo of you and me! I'd better get a good size one to frame!!! (to go on my family wall of fame hee hee) I love the fake noses and crowns.....and you look so happy holding Holly-Anne, that is not a dorky face! that was loving auntie face....gee, don't you and Holly-Anne look more alike than I thought! and the family shots of all of us are hilarious. Now try to get a professional photo done, you know why I'm waiting! A laugh a minute....

love ya!! It was so lovely to see you and Kirsten and "Alberta girl"!!!