Friday, August 15, 2008

Kids At Play!

Once outside the Museum in Hull (Quebec), the Parliament buildings are visible across the river. Thinking the little ones needed a bit of fresh air and room to move after the museum, my sister and I sat ourselves down and relaxed. The kids, on the other hand, moved. I took out my camera to see what kind of pictures I could get of these two MOVING and some turned out quite well!

Little nephew is all about motion when he is up and about. He has 2 settings: full throttle or stop. Not much in between! Here he starts his motor up with a warm-up session....

and he proceeded to run circles around his mother and I for a long time!

Eventually he settled for a quick rest on his sister's lap. He ADORES his older sister and checks with her when he's doing something or asks her to help him when he gets stuck playing a game.

The quiet didn't last long before he threw himself back into play (and I do mean that literally)

He and his sister took off running together, in some sort of tag-like game. They ran this way....

and they ran that way...

and eventually ran very close to me. Finally though...

Little nephew had enough and just plopped down. He was ready to leave.

As soon as they were settled in the car, tucked and buckled into their car seats and the air conditioner was blowing back a cool breeze both of them conked out and slept for the drive back to sister's place.


restyled home said...

Your niece and nephew are adorable! It looks like you all had a great time in Ottawa!!

That photo with the Parliament buildings in the background is stunning....I'd love to go there.