Sunday, August 3, 2008

We're Doing Some Travelling

I'm on the road which is why I haven't posted at all lately.

Last Wednesday daughter, her best friend and I headed on a road trip. We drove for over 13 hours and arrived in Ottawa the same evening. It was a beautiful day for travelling. The girls were excellent travellers; they read in the back seat or napped.

We've been in Ottawa since and are leaving today. The past few days have been spent enjoying some quality time with my niece and nephew and exploring Ottawa. I've taken plenty of pictures and will post some upon our return to N.B.

Yes....I'm ashamed to admit but yes.... I did help my sister wipe out her blog...we were working on changing her background and even though we thought we had saved a backup turns out we didn't. It was late at night when it happened. I considered sneaking away in the dead of night with the girls but sister has wooden floors that creak something terrible and we'd be busted. I'm still here so that's something I guess. If you do read her blog, she is trying to get everything back....

Today the girls and I are heading south of the border on our way back towards New Brunswick. We had a great time in Ottawa and *gasp* even had our Tarot cards read by my spiritually-inclined older sister. Pictures to follow!

Stay tuned!