Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Children's Museum in Ottawa

May I introduce you to subject museum? It is actually the Museum of Natural Civilization...or something like it!...but it has within its walls, the BEST children's museum EVER. I took little niece and nephew there one day, along with Big nephew (older brother of 2 little ones) and my daughter and her Alberta Friend.

We only made it through the children's museum that particular day; something to do with the whims and energy level of little ones. Today's post captures the first exhibits we ran into...

The Theatre is first. It has an audience area where I was sitting and a complete backstage area. All the kids came out to perform for me, including totally grown-up Nephew who rather drolly pointed out that he was a "tree".

Little niece and nephew were much more game about performing so I focussed on them. I believe little nephew is actually a Joker here... and isn't he quite the charming devil too?

Once the theatrics were over, well of course the little ones had to rest and recline on the sofa backstage. Look at the sofa - it's kid size! That is one of the truly neat things about this museum; everything is set up for kids and not adults!

Next stop the travelling bus! Little niece loves the bus; it is absolutely covered in glitter and sparkles. She drove daughter and Alberta friend to wonderful imaginary places. Here the girls are looking in their passports for the right page to stamp. After visiting each place in the museum there is a stamp box, to mark in your special passport that you visited the place and participated in the activity.

p.s. that guy behind the girls? We call him the scary man.... he doesn't look very happy and he wasn't with us.

So ends the first post for the museum. There is plenty more to follow but I have to run. It is Alberta friend's last day with us and we are heading downtown to the market to buy some special local "food" to take home with her. In case her parents see this I won't divulge the nature of this interesting stuff.... but stay tuned - much more to come!