Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Special Place

If you are ever in our area and want to enjoy a wonderful place to visit and create some golden memories, then you simply must stop by our Nana's garden. Being from Ireland, she has the green thumb and whimsical imagination to create a little piece of heaven of earth.

Nana's garden is not the same kind I would create or grow and that makes it more special to visit. Today's tour takes you around the grounds - her back porch, where family gathers, will be for another day as it is special too.

A casual stroll around the sides of her home displays the most delightful characters peaking out from the plants and flowers. Some of these creatures have spent many years travelling through life, while others are relative newcomers to this place.

Whether it is a person smiling out at you, or an old chair....they all sit comfortably in her forest as though made for that very place.

From beneath the lush green leaves you may find little frogs gathered to discuss the intricate details of catching flies...

to a single, brilliant flower spotlighting a watering can. If these were placed in my garden, it would look like cluttered garbage ~ but over at this garden...well, magic happens...

There is the quaint little shed hiding out back,

to one of the numerous birdhouses lurking behind some flowers. There is willow accenting the birdhouse stand, another classic touch from this accomplished gardener.

My favourite stop around the corner are these two little guys. A cute little pig telling a funny story to his friend, the hen. Neither mind they are getting on in years or that they are a bit any old and dear friends, they enjoy each other's company and feel fresh and young when sharing stories.

Here and there splashes of colour wave in the light breeze.

These gardens have a cottage-y, English-garden feel to it. Today I gave you a glimpse at one of my favourite place's around here; a place where the atmosphere is as warm and inviting as the gardens that surround Nana's (and Poppa's) place.


restyled home said...

You have taken some beautiful photos, Patricia! I enjoyed that little tour very much.

Nobody, I repeat, nobody decorates the ourdoors as well as Mum...and you captured that brilliantly!

Love to all,

Susan said...

Beautiful whimsical garden! Wah! I want the little cabano and the row of frogs!!! I love it. Thanks for sharing, Patricia!

onelittlemustardseed said...

Yep, mum is an amazing gardener. I always get a kick out of mentioning to people that my mum lives in the yellow house and they all know the house because of her beautiful gardening and her pretty accessories.

Even stranger...the man that found maggie my dog made a point to stop at mum's house to chase some deer that were eating her tree. He admires her gardening skills and didn't like seeing the deer ruin her garden! To funny and he told the story after I told him where I was living in relation to mum.