Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Today is 1 July 2008 and it marks my country's birthday!

The last few days were foggy and blah. Bright and early yesterday morning there was a small disturbance as a 5-minute storm blew through, complete with thunder and lightening. That was our area's wakeup call as 6 a.m. marks the beginning of the day for a lot of working people. It did seem ironic that one of the few lightening strikes in our little physical location.... was the local police station! No need to dispatch the police to the site but please do call the fire department!

Aside from that the summer has started. Son is bored but truly fights doing any housework. Apparently that isn't what his idea of summer holidays means! The weather did pick up enough for him and some cousins to swim for a couple of afternoons in the lake. It hasn't been hot enough for me to want to do so yet.

Daughter is busy with her school's theatre department. Just because the school is closed for the summer does not mean the theatre isn't being used. If the theatre is in use then the staff is needed to run it. The staff is comprised mostly of students and daughter is more than happy to keep busy there. She works the lights mostly. The countdown has begun to her friend's arrival from Alberta in 1 month. Her friend has never been to the Maritimes before so it'll be a fun trip for her. For part of the visit I'm taking daughter and friend to Ottawa to let them loose on the city. Look out nation's capital! No telling what 2 teen girls can get up to!

Our front garden is showing off beautiful plants and colours. I'm blown away by what grew unexpectedly this year ~ this is the same garden where we dug out the three bushes last summer. The three evergreen bushes that blocked our view and had grown too tall for their location. We did not know that other plants were "trapped" beneath the large bushes and only needed some space and light to burst out this year. One of the more spectacular plants is a Peony bush! The enormous pink flowers are just blooming now and they have the nicest, faint fragrance about them. There are 2 unknown plants growing great guns; they will probably bloom in another few weeks to a month. There is a small rose bush sprouting up and yet another unknown plant. The potted Mum was transplanted to this small garden a few weeks ago and it is taking off! I had no idea that Mums in the right growing zone are actually perennials! I bought some black-eyed Susans and they have taken root as well.

I'll be taking some pictures to post shortly...maybe even today if the sun stays out long enough! Fog, fog, go away!!

Have a great day everyone and happy birthday Canada!


Susan said...

Can you post pictures of your garden soon? Your peony bush sounds beautiful! I have two peonies now, but the heat meant they didn't bloom for long this year. Happy Canada (late) to you too, sis!