Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh Crap - School's OUT!

I'm crying but it's not tears of joy!  Thus begins 2 months of, "I'm bored; what are we doing today?".  Structure is important to kids with Asperger's Syndrome and the longer I am subjected to it the less appealing it becomes.  I have one child who is easy to entertain and doesn't need a lot of stimulation or support to fill her days.  She has quiet hobbies, as well as the drive and interest to keep busy most of the time.  The other one however, wants - demands actually - to have "fun" constantly.  It's now a word I'd ban from our vocabulary if the chance ever comes up.  It means I will fill our days doing as many things as possible to entertain his days and keep him somewhat happy.  There are so many things I'd rather be doing that shall be set aside in favour of helping him cope.  I love to read or garden.  As they aren't on his list of favourite activities..... guess what?  On the other hand we do see more and keep busier because I try to plan excursions to see new places and do new things.  It was easier in Alberta however as we lived in a very large city that had more available activities than where we are currently located.  Mind you, should the summer get hot and muggy we are located on a lake and swimming is an activity we both enjoy so although I'm not a fan of really hot and sticky days let's hear it for swimming and the lake!

I'm sick still and so is hubby.  Dang those summer colds ~ you think you've made it past cold season then *wham* some random little bug knocks you off your feet.  Something nasty is going around my workplace but due to understaffing, clerks and cashiers are reporting to work sicker than dogs and puking.  It is a sad state of affairs when hard-working folks such as these are taken advantage of to the point they feel they MUST work to help out.  I have some scathing remarks on that subject that are best left never know who is reading a blog these days.

This is the first week of part-time work and it is working out much better than the last 3 weeks.  Son is happier with me here throughout the day and I've been able to provide dinner before I head off to work.  The four hour shift goes by much better for me and I'm not worried about those dreaded calls from home (cripes....there goes "Mom of the year award" AND "employee of the month"!!).  It is fortunate I have today and tomorrow off so I can simper and whine and try to get over this darned bug that is making me miserable.

I have had some time to do a bit of gardening.  It is good for my soul to putter and dig.  The flowers seem so vibrant after the long, white winter and the explosion of green vegetation and the rainbow of flowers is a happy sight for all of our tired eyes!  I'd like a word with whatever force of nature invented "humidity" however....that great energy-sapper that it is.  I grew accustomed to the low humidity levels during the 10 years in Alberta and the pampered princess is having trouble adjusting to sweating, er perspiring??, when moving about on hot days.

Before closing and heading back to bed, I'm sending  a "shout-out" to my in-laws who are presently in Northern Ireland.  They have not been back since landing in Canada 33 years ago however the illness of a family member back there inspired the quickly-arranged trip.  We hope that health matters improve for those concerned and this walk down memory lane provides happy memories to recount when you come back.  We miss Nana and Poppa already and I know their children can't wait to hear stories about their childhood haunts and homes upon their parents' return.


restyled home said...

I feel for you that you don't get much time to yourself. As someone who loves to read, it must take a lot of engineering to wrangle a quiet moment to get lost in a book.

We will be down on July 2nd and look forward to seeing you all. Make sure you get rid of those colds before we come ;0)

I miss Mum and Dad...there is something about knowing I can't get in touch with them at the drop of a dime...I hope they are having fun!!

Love to all,

Susan said...

WHeeeee! school's out! remember when we used to sing that all that last long week before the holidays? Holly-Anne was wired today at her babysitter's......two days to go and her school is finished too! And she moves on to GRADE 1! My baby! And Graham starts junior kindergarden in the fall!!!!! My real baby!!!!

So enjoy that one of yours is self-sufficient, and hope Mathew's cousins come over alot to swim and keep him company! viola, sis on the verandah reading and drinking pop :-) !!!! I can wish that for you, anyway!!!!! And it is summer and NOT SNOWING, so lots to be grateful for - and you have said lake, free, right there. Can I come over???

love your sis Susan

Julie said...

I hope you are feeling lots better by now. I am glad gardening gives you peace of mind and soul. I have had to give it up because of my carpal tunnel syndrome.

Would having your son exercise a lot be helpful in settling him down?