Sunday, June 8, 2008

Whooaaa ~ What a week!

You know how some people are born with that proverbial silver spoon in their mouths? Everything they touch turns to gold? The ones who make a billion dollars from 2 nickels they rubbed together as kids?

Well...that's NOT us. We are somehow related to "Murphy" and his stupid laws. I'm not sure where in the family tree there is a connection but it's there. If unlucky had a name it would be us. We just brought home our new "used" vehicle yesterday. A 1995 Hyundai Santa Fe. While taking it for a spin today what do you know; the ENGINE light came on ~ as in, "check your engine"! The SAME FREAKING thing happened when we bought our van some years back; it cost $500 plus dollars to fix brand new "used" vehicle before its engine purred. That was the same van that started itself during the cold winter; freaking us out at 1 in the morning when it started itself while we were sleeping in the house! (The garage abutted the master bedroom).

When we bought the Toyota Matrix we'd been assured everything was hunkey-dory with it. Then we found out it had been in an accident. When we bought the SAAB years ago, we found out IT had not only been in an accident but the seat warmer had caught fire with the previous owner!

I am officially working part-time hours at the store. The full-time gig didn't work out; son just couldn't deal with the time home, alone. I got more than one frantic call from him at work. Which meant that he called the switchboard, who then passed the call to my supervisor. Who then tracked me down to give me her phone or to send me to a phone to call him back. So everyone could hear our conversations. Yeah that was fun, all right. To make matters "Murphy-lawish" of COURSE dear son had to take quite ill just a day before my full time hours ended. Which was the same day hubby had to drive an hour north to purchase our lovely black SUV that has the "check engine light" on. Today hubby and I are sick. Thanks, kid. I hope we don't get the sinus infection you have because those yellow horse pills you are taking are gross and I just know I'd puke them back up!

The kids are done classes, if you can believe that. Whatever happened to a full semester of school? June 6th the end of classes? What the ~ ?!! Exams run this week and then the little darlings are all mine for the summer. Yahoo. I'm relieved I switched my hours to nights and weekends only; that way I can spend time with them and make sure they don't kill each other.

As I write this there is a nasty little thunderstorm coming. Could this be mother nature adding to our misadventures? Like, building a new bathroom to replace the leaky one from the winter's storms isn't enough? Next we're gonna get zapped by lightening or something! Oh wait...that already happened, what am I saying? Been there, done that, don't want to experience that again! Oh I know what this little weather system is all about....I FINALLY got my flower pots planted! It's going to absolutely HAIL and kill every little flower I lovingly planted this afternoon. Just you wait! It's been THAT KIND OF WEEK around here.

I best go batten down the hatches and close the garage doors. Of course the lawn tractor is in the garage so we can't park the vehicles in there. Hubby's motorbike is in the other "bay", apart, because the last time he drove it the engine shrieked at him. So I had to rescue him one chilly morning last week. It's getting quite black out. Maybe I will crack open the garage door and actually pull my flowers inside. I know for sure something has it in for us if anything kills my flowers in there tonight! (uh...except for the one my mother-in-law gave me. I think it died. I forgot it was real and er...didn't water it. In the hopes of a near-death experience I've planted it in one of the front planters. This, after I killed the flowered plant hubby gave me a month or two ago. People you need to know that I've moved on to plastic plants for a good reason!)

So long from the front line......!!


restyled home said...

Oyyy...sounds like a crazy week!! I just heard that Fredericton is expecting a tornado??!! What's up with that?

Hopefully, part time will be more suitable all around. At least it will give you more time to enjoy that gorgeous property you guys have. My kids are already talking about the raft and the lake!!

We'll see you all in early July!!


Peggy said...

Hope your flowers survived and your "new" vehicle gets over its problem cheaply. I thought I was the only one with murphy's law going on. We have been have over 100F temps for a week now. Stick a fork in me I am done. LOL Thank you so much for understanding and your kind words about Nitro. Life goes on even with a big hole in it.

Susan said...

Did I tell you about our plumbing problems? First the basement toilet broke (remember it didn't work when you were here two years ago). Then the upstairs toilet started running constantly. Air in the pipes. constant drip that became a disaster in the basement - had to call in teh sewer people who cleaned out the catchment area only to say it wasn't from there (not a back up). So, back to the pipes, and find out someone before us drilled a tiny hole in the pipe behind the kitchen wall, and the water was leaking from the toilet *eeew* down the pipe into the basement. Had to get the pipe replaced, hole still in kitchen wall and basement wall. Then upstairs toilet started flushing by itself. all the time. could live with that, though the sound of water constantly running was annoying and expensive. But we didn't have money to replace it and it worked.....until March of this year, when suddenly the black plug in the tank decided it wouldn't close any more. Went to Canadian tire to buy a new one, only to discover they didn't make a) the old kind any more and b) the new kind wouldn't fit over the overflow pipe because c) the lever had rusted so thoroughly to the pipe a blowtorch only would get it off. so luckily Tobys' credit card suddenly decided to increase what we could use, and voila! $1,000 later, we have two new working, low-flush ergonomic toilets, upstairs and basement!!!

Bad news is, the outside tap which had also sprung a leak, also got fixed in April, and last week I was doing laundry and wondered why the floor by the washing machine was wet. Lo and behold, the new tap's joining sodder to the old pipe is leaking. :-0 out comes the plumber (again).

I really hope your new vehicle is easily fixed!!! and cheaply! Maybe Murphy's Law runs in all our family!!

love Susan