Monday, March 17, 2008

A Very Pink Party!

Someone turned five yesterday –

and we were invited to her party! She was definitely the princess of this party…check out the cutest throne a little girl dreams of! This nifty chair hid jewels in special places; there was a tiara, earrings, rings, a mirror AND a key for a special hideaway beneath the chair!

While the adoring masses feasted on chilli and stew in the royal kitchen,

the princess and her very special guest were served a delicious banquet in the party hall.

There, the two lovely ladies snacked on delicacies such as fruit AND whipping cream, jelly beans, little cakes

and their substantial meal of chilli.

Following the meal the royal cake was delivered by the Princess Mum

and who knew she had sliced strawberries hiding in that very yummy Kim Possible Cake?! The candles were blown out with much fanfare and then the par-tay continued in full swing.

NO party is complete without gifts and what treasures this princess received!

The princess and her special cousin danced away with the Enchanted Barbies while the

chain-gang crew removed packaging and twist ties from each freakin' teeny, tiny package…until even our fingernails bled the scissors became dull! Finally all was unwrapped, untied, uncut. Then everything had to be put together. Have you ever tried to build those cute little Barbie rooms? It was sheer hell delight! It was about then that the party wrapped up with out-of-town guests beating a hasty retreat retiring first. Why those no-good….oops…uh… let's see, what came next…

Oh yes, a few random shots of the Princess's adoring fans...

What fun to watch these two enjoy their special little party! It would have been perfect if the third little cousin was there, but that sweetheart lives in that far, far away land of Nova Scotia.



restyled home said...

What a fun post about Ella's party!
My goodness that last picture of the little girls is beautiful!!!

Again, another party we missed...

onelittlemustardseed said...

Wow, what an amazing, lovely are such a good writer! I smiled all the way thru it and I loved all the photos...

Lady P said...

It is easy to take beautiful pictures with such gorgeous subjects!!

Yes Linda, I know how missing the party feels. I put these posts up for you and others who wanted to be there but couldn't be. It helps to feel like you are still in the loop.

restyled home said...

...and I so appreciate that!


Yolanda said...

It looks as though you all had a wonderful time.I am glad to have found your blog.