Monday, March 24, 2008

 Easter Greetings to You!

I hope the Easter Bunny found all the kiddies out there!  That rotten cute fluffy critter skipped past our house but that's okay.  We are all cry-babies anyway mature, responsible people who can handle disappointment well!

Hubby worked Friday and Monday; being in a 24/7 industry now....someone has to man the equipment.  In lieu of these 2 holidays he gets them as floaters; he can schedule them throughout the year.

Hubby started renovating the basement over the weekend.  The basement bathroom is being moved and updated.  It might have something to do with the second sewage backup in a month with that second freaky storm updating that place.  It is moving from its current location to another part of the basement and will be bigger and much nicer with no freakin' chance of another backup....

It is beautiful, sunny weather just perfect for gazing out of your windows.  Unfortunately it is cold, as in very cold.  I saw some Canadian Geese honking as they flew north ~ indicating the beginning of spring for us.  Ha!  Mother Nature fooled them too!  The forecast is for snow or rain later this week.  Wait...oh freakin' great... that'll be when the kids are back in school oh how wonderful... trapped inside on another rainy day!  No wonder I am losing it and  have spring fever...

Now back to reality.  It is 1pm and I have just a few things left to do today:

- wash breakfast dishes

- fold and put away that mountain pile of laundry

- drag something out for supper

- wash a stuffed bedtime bear before it walks away on its own

- finish a scrapbook I promised someone months ago....

- wash the floors

- wash off the cat drool, dog slobber and kiddy prints from the walls and windows ~ oh, and the floor too.

- entertain bored 15 year old son

- pick up dog poop in backyard

- exercise

- try not to hyperventilate when reviewing above list


Drink until i'm happy and forget the list!!  Ha ha ha...*burp* to relax now...hiccup....



restyled home said...

I say start drinking...kidding, of course?!
How did the Easter bunny miss you all?? Don't you guys like chocolate? I hear that's the only prerequisite...


Susan said...

Hey, Linda is right, how come NO chocolate at your house? No wonder there were the sound of tears all the way over here!! Don't tell your kids that my kids still have a basketful each half-filled with chocolate goodies!!!
and I'd choose the drink over housework any day, you know me, and a good book to read....hope you did too!